Rent your high quality printer for your micro, small or medium sized business with Konica Minolta's RelaxRate and benefit from various services that comes with it. 

Why should I rent my printer from Konica Minolta?

Free prints and maintenance1. Free prints and maintenance
No matter which RelaxRate package and duration you choose, for a monthly fee, you will receive a selected printer, a full package of our services, and a certain amount of free prints.
Nationalwide repair service2. Nationalwide repair service
We include access to a 24/7 remote printer monitoring and national-wide repair service to any of our RelaxRate customers. Get in touch with us whenever you have a problem or question and we will get back to you by the next business day.
Free installation3. Free installation
When you rent with Konica Minolta, we work with you every step of the way. We will install your chosen printer for free, provide on-site training to your team, offer maintenance and on-site technical support.
Automated toner ordering4. Automated toner ordering
With RelaxRate, toner orders are automatically placed by your printer and delivered by us. Lean on us so that you can focus on offering the best service to your customers.
Free delivery5. Free delivery
Pick your perfect printer and we manage the delivery free of charge. Get a high-quality printer straight to your office, for no additional charge.
Manufacturer warranty6. Manufacturer warranty
We have got you covered. When you rent any printer with RelaxRate, our manufacturer warranty keeps you covered for your entire contract. If you ever need any repair or maintenance, our team will be ready to help.

Choose your RelaxRate package

1. RelaxRate - Small
Starting from 25 EUR / month

Perfect for occasional printing. This affordable option provides a monthly page limit suitable for small and medium-sized businesses that only need to print essential documents. If you exceed the included print quantity in the package, additional prints will cost as low as 0.011 EUR.
2. RelaxRate - Medium
Starting from 31 EUR / month

For businesses that print daily, the monthly prepaid page limit is sufficient. This RelaxRate package should be suitable for companies with moderate printing needs. If you exceed the included print quantity in the package, additional prints will cost as low as 0.010 EUR.
3. RelaxRate - Large
Starting from 35 EUR / month

Perfect for companies with high printing needs. Choosing this package offers a very low cost per print. If you exceed the included print quantity in the package, additional prints will cost as low as 0.009 EUR. The RelaxRate Large package price also includes the bizhub SECURE service, which ensures the security of your data.
Choose your RelaxRate package

How do I rent a printer with RelaxRate?

Select and define1. Select and define
Select the printer that meets your needs.
Order2. Order
Choose the RelaxRate package, select the contract duration, and order the printer.
Wait for delivery3. Wait for delivery
We will deliver and install your chosen bizhub printer at a convenient time for you.
Print and relax4. Print and relax
Work worry-free because we will deliver toners for free, provide technical maintenance, and repairs.

What do our customers say about us?

Reliable printers and excellent service. Thank you for always responding quickly to enquires.
Egidijus, Hollister Lietuva
I would like to thank the Konica Minolta Klaipėda team for their professional advice in choosing quality printers, prompt response to technical problems and solutions. As far as I have had the opportunity to communicate with Konica Minolta Klaipėda team, I always feel your willingness to help and find the best solution for us. Thank you and good luck in your future works.
Saulius, Perdanga Lithuania
We enjoy quality and speed everyday.
Vaidas, Statranga Lietuva
Let’s talk about your printing. Feel free to contact us!
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Printing Consultant
Raimundas Lebedžinskas