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When you’re renting a printer with RelaxRate, your service package includes not only the printer itself but also free toner, starting from 1000 included prints, as well as free installation and delivery, and free technical support.
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Rent a printer with RelaxRate

Rent a printer with RelaxRate

Take your micro, small or medium business to the next level by streamlining your print needs with RelaxRate. Gain access to our high-quality printers as well as customer benefits all included when you rent with us. Print at a rate that is most suitable for your business on your desired printer for a fixed monthly fee.
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Reliable black and white printers for your day-to-day needs

Konica Minolta's black and white printers are ideal for offices that need excellent print and copy quality. Plus, our printer are compatible with PDF/A scanning formats.

The black and white printers provide great quality print output every time, so the document lasts longer without fading or toner peeling, making them full archiving compliant.

High-capacity supplies guarantee fewer toner exchanges and low-cost-per-page. Our black and white printers are designed for personal and team use, with desktop to stand-alone floor type configurations.

Print from anywhere via WiFi or LAN connection. Plus, with mobile printing and scanning support for Android and iOS devices, you can print your documents on the go!

Print more, print better quality and enhance your business’ day-to-day operations.

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Raimundas Lebedžinskas

Black and White printers for your everyday needs

Konica Minolta black and white printers are perfect for offices that require exceptionally high printing and copying quality. Our printers are compatible with PDF/A scanning formats. Black and white bizhub black and white laser printers come in small sizes for desktop placement and large ones for floor placement.

Konica Minolta black and white printers are known for producing highly quality prints, ensuring documents stay unfaded longer, and having long-lasting toner cartridges. Bizhub black and white laser and multifunction printers fully comply with archiving requirements.

Large printer capacity ensures less frequent toner cartridge replacement and a low cost per page. Thus, you can choose the most suitable printer that fits perfectly in your business office.

Print from anywhere using WiFi or LAN connectivity. Additionally, with mobile printing and scanning support on Android and iOS devices, you can print documents even while on the go! Print with higher quality and change your business routine now.

Top Konica Minolta black and white printers:

Konica Minolta bizhub 450i. This laser multifunction printer is an excellent choice for offices requiring efficient printing, copying, and scanning. It can print and copy on A6-A4 and A3 paper sizes.

Konica Minolta bizhub 4050i. A compact and reliable printer perfect for small businesses. It features high printing quality and speed.

Konica Minolta bizhub 227. A high-volume printer with large paper capacity and fast printing speed. It's an excellent choice for large offices requiring reliable and efficient printing.

Each of these printers can print on various paper sizes: A3, A4, and other standard formats. They also feature a compact design, allowing easy integration into any workspace.

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