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High quality toner for your home office printer

Konica Minolta’s original toner has been specially developed to deliver brilliant quality and best performance of your printing device every time.

Polymerised toner fuses at the lower temperature which helps to save the energy and smaller toner particles ensure precise printing. Benefit from long-lasting toners: intense black, blue, purple and yellow colors for optimal results.

All our toner are long-lasting, so you can print more with fewer toner exchanges.

Compatible for bizhub C3100i and bizhub C3120i in all available configurations.

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Raimundas Lebedžinskas
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Raimundas Lebedžinskas

When choosing printer toners, trust Konica Minolta

The main component of Konica Minolta toners is polymerized toner particles, which are used for their special properties that influence printing results. These particles fuse at lower temperatures, not only saving energy but also providing additional benefits. This technology ensures precise and consistent printing, delivering impressive quality for every print job.

Smaller toner particles allow for high resolution and clear results, whether printing text documents or various types of images. These qualities make Konica Minolta toners attractive choices for those seeking excellent printing quality.

What color printer toners are available to choose from?

When selecting Konica Minolta printer cartridges, you can choose from various colors, including intense black, cyan, magenta, and yellow, to meet your printing needs and give your documents vitality and professionalism.

What should you consider when choosing printer toners?

Printer toners vary depending on the type of printer. Laser printers use toner cartridges designed for longer periods and more prints. Toner, as a dry powder, is stable and does not dry out quickly, so these cartridges can be effectively used for a long time.

When choosing a printer toner, consider the printer model, color range, desired printing quality, and printing volumes. Konica Minolta printer toners are renowned not only for high quality but also for compatibility with various types of printers, ensuring optimal performance and long-term use. By investing in Konica Minolta printer cartridges, you will receive only original spare parts, guaranteeing high quality and performance. Our goal is to ensure that your printer operates efficiently and provides you with excellent printing results for a long time.

Why choose Konica Minolta printer toners?

Konica Minolta original toners are a solution that guarantees uncompromising printing quality and long-term printer stability. These toner cartridges are the result of advanced technology application, which maintains consistently high printing standards regardless of time or printing conditions. This not only ensures a professional document appearance but also the reliability needed for any business or personal use.

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