How process robots can actually help companies retain their talents

02. rugp. 2020

Finding the right, skilled professionals that businesses need on their path to success is one of the biggest challenges companies face today. Globally, the war for talent is placing a growing burden on companies, large and small. According to one of the biggest surveys conducted by the recruiting specialist ManpowerGroup[1], 54 percent of companies find it very challenging to attract and retain highly skilled talent. This is almost twice as many as a decade ago – a record high – and an...

Konica Minolta profesionalios ir pramoninės spaudos technologijos

21. bal. 2020

„Digital Imaging squere” (DIS) demonstruoja „Konica Minolta“ profesionalios ir pramoninės spaudos technologijų portfolio, įskaitant apdailos galimybes bei programinės įrangos sprendimus. Įrenginių demonstracijos gali būti atliekamos labai praktiškai. Atsižvelgiant į karantino laikotarpį, pakanka mums atsiųsti spaudos failą, o mes už jus jį išbandysime, atspausdinsime ir pakonsultuosime! Tokiu būdu galite išbandyti ir patestuoti mūsų įrangą net būdami namuose.

What is a business IoT platform and why do I need it?

09. kov. 2020

Digitalisation means ever more data needs to be stored and managed. This can’t just be viewed as a heap of data to work through. What data is needed where and how soon? What data needs to be particularly well protected against unauthorised access? To create clarity before chaos ensues, edge IoT platforms can be used to adjust the digitalisation process to the technological conditions. Let’s take a look together at an example from car manufacturing.

Activating your digital transformation to create the Workplace of the Future™

25. vas. 2020

Technology is rapidly changing the face of the modern workplace. The demand for increased access to information through a variety of interconnected devices from a flexible workplace increases both knowledge worker creativity and productivity.

Sales start for Konica Minolta’s AccurioPress C14000 series flagship high-volume toner presses

18. vas. 2020

Sales have started for Konica Minolta’s new AccurioPress C14000 series, its first foray into the high-volume toner printing segment. The AccurioPress C14000 prints at 140 pages per minute (ppm) in A4 and is 40% faster than any other toner-based device from Konica Minolta. A second model in the series, the AccurioPress C12000, provides the same print quality and a similarly fast speed of 120 ppm.