Technology is the key to addressing the current crisis

18. geg. 2020

Beyond its human toll, the current situation is placing a significant burden on businesses around the world. Companies and institutions reacted quickly and responsibly, prioritising the safety of their employees, customers and partners. Consequentially, established workflows and production chains were completely overthrown or halted within a matter of weeks. To recover from this unprecedented external shock – while at the same time continuing to ensure the highest level of safety for their...

5 business continuity tips in the face of disruption

01. bal. 2020

Below is a contingency plan with 5 measures that all business leaders should implement to keep their users productive in the face of pandemic influenza:

Backup management: every business needs an emergency exit

02. saus. 2020

Losing data can be catastrophic for any business. So it is crucial to protect yourself against loss and invest in backup management. Not only should it protect all your important files and folders, it should also synchronise the data and restore it quickly in the event of a failure. Read on to find out what you should know about disaster recovery of your data.

Konica Minolta comment on trends and predictions in label market 2020

16. gruod. 2019

As we enter another decade, we look forward to continuing to grow our presence in a label market that is ripe for an onslaught of digital technology. While overall penetration is still relatively low and there’s lots of room to grow, change is gathering pace and the march to digital technology is like the sound of thundering hooves getting ever closer.

Trends and predictions in commercial print for 2020

10. gruod. 2019

Whether the buzzword or phrase is transformation, diversification, Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things, just in time production or print on demand – what’s clear is that automation and software are central drivers and growing in importance. Using real-time data to track and improve production is becoming more common, soon it will be the norm.