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Giving Shape to Ideas

UV Spot Coating


Spalvinės ir vienspalvės pramoninio spausdinimo sistemos bizhub PRO ir bizhub PRESS dirba maksimaliu greičiu, o KIP įrenginiai patenkins bet kokius plačiaformatės spaudos poreikius.

Keisti pasirinkimą

METEOR Unlimited Colors

  • All-in-one digital inline toner printing and hot foiling solution
  • Smart combination of CMYK printing and in-line foiling
  • Allows you to add value to the standard print jobs
  • Offers outstanding productivity, brilliant image quality and a surprising ease of use


  • With the SINGLE PASS PRINTING, the JETVARNISH 3DS offers high speed and high productivity.
  • The DIGITALIZATION of the spot UV finishing allows you to take a few sheets from each job and spot UV coat it, so your customers can SEE and FEEL the effect that their jobs could have.
  • The smart COMBINATION of MGI’s exclusive inkjet technology with KONICA MINOLTAs Drop-on-Demand Piezoelectric print heads, brings you the quality you deserve.
  • With the JETVARNISH 3DS you can spot varnish on TONER or OFFSET prints with and without lamination.
  • The included SOFTWARE SUITE  allows you to follow your jobs, manage your job queue, create job tickets and recall reprints without any additional effort.

MGI JETvarnish 3D Evolution

  • Full-digital spot UV coating and hot-foiling device
  • Ideal for print provider who are looking for a way to differentiate and to add value to their services
  • Offers perfect registration, high speed and the ability to create different thicknesses up to 232 micron for a tactile and embossing effect