Sustainable plastics – new polymer alloy recycled PET and bioplastic

Konica Minolta developed a proprietary recycled PET-based polymer alloy using a leading-edge chemical processing technology as an environmentally considerate material. The bizhub 552 and the bizhub 652 are the first devices containing the two sustainable plastics: the new polymer alloy recycled PET and plant-based bioplastic.

The new polymer alloy recycled PET overcomes the disadvantages of the conventional PET plastic, such as fragility, low fire-resistance and difficulties in injection moulding, and has an attractive appearance to make it suitable as an inner material for MFPs. Furthermore, it is regarded as a promising sustainable plastic as it is a recyclable material that effectively utilizes PET waste. In addition, plant-based bioplastic results in lower environmental impact as it uses less petroleum-based resources and emits less CO2 during its lifecycle than petroleum-based plastic.