Konica Minolta wins consecutive BLI PaceSetter Award for Serviceability & Support

| 17 rugsėjo 2020

Konica Minolta wins the BLI PaceSetter Award for Serviceability and Support 2020-2021 in Western Europe awarded by Keypoint Intelligence for the second time. The recognition honours the OEM that offers the best-designed tools, programs and trainings to enhance the serviceability of its products and services. With its “shift left” approach, Konica Minolta provides systems to empower its clients to help themselves, such as using online trainings or providing support through remote tools. This year’s award also reflects these company solutions that support safer office environments through remote services, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Pursuing a customer-centric approach, Konica Minolta always focuses on the needs of its users for its products and services. This also goes for solving issues and providing support. The IT specialist empowers its customers to help them solve problems quicker and more efficiently by using innovative tools, training methods and remote support. With this “shift left” approach, the issues are solved closer to their origin and field presence of service experts can be reduced significantly. This helps to limit physical contact points which increases safety for customers and technicians, as travel from client to client can be minimised in the time of Covid-19. Several tools support the self-service of Konica Minolta’s customers: with “iTraining”, a variety of online videos provide explanation and guidance, as does the portal “eCommerce”. When remote support is needed, the AIRe Link – at the moment in beta test-phase – brings an innovative way of consulting and training employees, using audio and video connection. “Chatrine” is a chatbot that learns on its own and supports customers with their enquiries. With its Cognito iQ-developed platform, Konica Minolta is able to analyse operational performance of its field service in real time.


Leading in serviceability and service with innovative solutions

With the award, Konica Minolta is honoured for its tools and offerings that improve serviceability and support for their customers. Keypoint Intelligence conducted an in-depth study to decide on this year’s champion. Putting focus on various disciplines in this field, the evaluation included: company vision, in-field support, environment, tools and trainings provided to service technicians across direct and indirect channels. This year’s award also comprised the changing working environment due to the pandemic. Konica Minolta has received an honourable mention for adapting to the current situation: being able to support customers remotely and via online trainings while maintaining highest standards of quality differentiated the IT specialist from the competition. 

Being recognised repeatedly in this way shows us that we are pursuing the right approach: empowering our customers for self-help while maintaining our customer focus with remote counselling and online trainings – this has proven to be the right approach, especially in the challenging times during the Covid-19 pandemic." In today’s fast-evolving office environments, where working conditions can change quickly, IT complexity is also increasing. Providing the right service and support is therefore absolutely key for devices and solutions – and to foster customer relations. “Service and support provide the backbone of satisfied customers”, said Deborah Hawkins, Director of Keypoint Intelligence’s Office Group. “Organisations understand how critical the MFP is to business processes, and they cannot risk downtime caused by poor support (…)”.


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