| 1 balandžio 2022

Cloud-based solution offers remote MFP security monitoring and management

Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe (Konica Minolta) is pleased to announce the release of its new cloud service for remote security monitoring and management for MFPs. An intelligent solution that provides automatic notifications and remediation, Shield Guard allows businesses to control the security status of multiple MFPs from anywhere.

Security vulnerability with most MFPs/printers begins when a device is attached to the network with factory-default settings in place. And with distributed workforces dominating the workplace for nearly two years now, security of MFPs is more critical than ever. Managing security settings of multiple MFPs is difficult, and admin users often struggle with setting and remembering strong passwords. Businesses need to overcome these challenges or face the ramifications of data breaches, which can have drastic effects. In fact, a recent study by Allianz reports that 71 percent of customers said they would leave an organisation after a data breach.[1] By installing Shield Guard, businesses can enjoy immediate piece of mind that all its devices are protected.
Shield Guard’s advanced admin control features allow more control over data, all remotely via the cloud. The solution makes fleet management easy and efficient, managing security policies, grouping devices and creating reports that can be exported and distributed. Alerts notify admins of escalated devices, unsecured MFP statuses and device and policy assessments as they happen. Other key features include:
  • Policy Assessments - Admins can set policies for all devices, individuals' devices, or device groups. The system performs an assessment of the MFPs compliance to the policy.
  • Notifications - Assessment findings are included in the dashboard, logs and reports on the portal. Security alert pop-ups and a list of escalated devices can be seen right from the dashboard.
  • Security alerts via email or SMS - Automatically sends alerts when the policy is compromised. Administrators can receive alerts via email or SMS.
  • Remediation plan - Provides a structured approach to mitigating security threats. Detects failed security settings and automatically applies the correct policy settings.
Shield Guard works with Konica Minolta’s bizhub SECURE portfolio, which offers three different levels of service for each individual business’ needs. The bizhub SECURE service can be activated on any Konica Minolta bizhub MFP, either on-premises or prior to delivery. With Shield Guard all security settings can be afterwards monitored in the cloud. The admin experience includes: 
  • Access to a graphical security dashboard for easy monitoring and management to view multiple machines status from your browser. View status with simple graphics and visual indicators.
  • Easy fleet management with visibility of the entire fleet from one remote location.
  • Admin control over multiple MFPs collectively via a web browser and set secure passwords remotely


"The built-in security features of our bizhub multifunction devices can be extensively enhanced with bizhub SECURE, providing an additional layer of comprehensive protection. With Shield Guard, we are now taking the security of our MFPs to a new level. Remote monitoring and management from the cloud gives greater control over data. Administrators are notified of potential security issues as soon as they occur. This means there are no time gaps that could pose a threat to the business."

Torben Mowka

Product Manager, Portfolio Strategy & Management, International Marketing Division, Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe

The introduction of ShieldGuard is an important step by Konica Minolta to further expand its Printer Security offering. Konica Minolta's leadership in this area was recently confirmed by Quocirca, which ranked the digital workplace provider as a leader in printer security.[2]

Learn more about Shield Guard online.


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