Konica Minolta extends its successful bizhub i-Series portfolio to include its new A4 monochrome devices bizhub 4750i, bizhub 4700i and bizhub 4050i

| 26 lapkričio 2020

Konica Minolta is extending its A4 monochrome bizhub i-Series portfolio with the launch of its multifunction printers (MFPs) bizhub 4750i, bizhub 4050i and the single-function printer (SFP) bizhub 4700i. The devices offer enhanced performance, increased security and modern interfaces, thereby delivering reliability, quality and economy. The highly customisable and compact MFPs and SFP are perfect for modern offices and meet the full scope of monochrome imaging requirements.

In an increasingly fast-paced work environment, employees depend on equally powerful technologies supporting them to manage their huge workload. Technology must also be easy and intuitive to use. Office workers should not have to spend too much time figuring out how to get processes up and running. Instead, they should work smoothly and as quickly as possible. 

The bizhub 4750i, bizhub 4700i and bizhub 4050i are the direct successors to the bizhub 4752/4702/4052 and are more powerful, intuitive and intelligent than their predecessors. On the one hand, this can be seen in a larger memory of 5 GB (bizhub 4750i/4050i) and 4 GB (bizhub 4700i) as well as in higher system storage SSD of 256 GB (standard) or 1 TB (optional) for bizhub 4750i and 4050i as well as higher system storage of 8 GB for the bizhub 4700i. They enable quicker processing times and thus faster operation. In addition, the scanning speed has increased significantly and is now 45 ipm in simplex colour and 90 ipm in duplex colour for the bizhub 4750i/4700i. Furthermore, the devices include a function to detect document double feeds, meaning that the scanner stops automatically as soon as multiple document sheets have been fed at the same time. This prevents unwanted and time-consuming device malfunctions.

Technology that adapts to the user and not vice versa

The larger touch panels of 10” (bizhub 4750i/4050i) and 7” (bizhub 4700i) with the intuitive user interface (UI) allow more comfortable and easy operation without the necessity for extensive training. The touch panel gives users access to the Konica Minolta Marketplace. This is already pre-installed; users thus have a powerful platform for managing and easily implementing new applications. Konica Minolta ensures the compatibility of these solutions with the devices as well as regular updates. Licences are also managed. To deliver cost efficiency and flexibility, Konica Minolta only charges for applications actually used. All three devices include the latest version of Open API, so external workflow applications can easily be integrated. Also, the Web API is now available, allowing printing of websites and emails directly from the panel. Furthermore, IWS (Internal Web Server) enables the user interface to be customised based on operator requirements. The A4 devices share the IT6 architecture of their bizhub i-Series A3 siblings and provide the same functionality and familiar user experience through identical interfaces. The user interface will always be the same if there is a switch between a A4 and A3 model.

A secure working environment

Hacker attacks lead to immense damage and costs every year. As devices integrated into networks, MFPs and SFPs can also become the target of hackers. To ensure the highest security standards, Konica Minolta decided to partner with Bitdefender – a leader in IT security. Thus, the latest Bitdefender anti-virus solution can be installed as an option, enabling the system to monitor scanned files and documents transferred to and from it in real time and automatically protecting the devices against viruses at all times. The full support of remote services enabling fast and professional remote support rounds off the devices.

The bizhub 4050i is now available, the bizhub 4750i will follow in December and the bizhub 4700i will follow in January 2021.