| 10 sausio 2022

Certification demonstrates rigorous cloud information security across full breadth of European business Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe has achieved ISO 27017 certification - demonstrating that the full breadth of its cloud services complies with the most stringent and robust information security standards. Published by the International Organization for Standardization, ISO 27017 is the globally recognised standard for Information Security pertaining to cloud infrastructure.

Cloud is gaining extending importance in many organisations’ IT strategies, as it provides benefits such as greater flexibility, enables remote access of data for an increasingly distributed workforce and can be scaled according to changing needs. No wonder, that 80 % of organisations surveyed by Quocirca expect their IT to be at least half-cloud based in the near future[1]. At the same time, when crucial data is stored in the cloud, its security must be top priority. But 33% of IT decision makers view cloud or hybrid platforms as a top security risk.[2]


ISO 27017 certification underlines Konica Minolta’s rigorous commitment to cloud security

To ensure that the cloud does not become a security risk, Konica Minolta applies high standards to protect its cloud solutions. Receiving the globally-renowned ISO 27017 certification further confirms and builds on the company’s existing strong security foundations: In 2020, Konica Minolta achieved ISO 27001 certification for Information Security Management System (ISMS), which encompasses the company’s holistic information security approach both within its organisation and in its services for customers. Now, ISO 27017 extends this certification to the cloud environment provided by Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe, confirming that Konica Minolta has created a secure cloud-based environment and minimised the risk of security issues. It includes a range of guidelines, such as strict protection of the cloud environment against access of unauthorised or defined responsibilities between provider and customer.

As companies embrace digitalisation, our customers know that Konica Minolta is the best partner to help design and realise their vision for a digital workplace – with solutions that meet the highest levels of information security and data protection. We are therefore pleased that we have fully complied with the strict auditing requirements. With ISO 27017 certification we can demonstrate that our 360º approach to information security extends across the breadth of our cloud services to provide our customers with total peace of mind.


Olaf Lorenz


Head of International Marketing Division, Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe


High security standards for Konica Minolta’s data centres

Konica Minolta's cloud security concept essentially comprises the following aspects with regards to its data centres: The data centres in Germany and Sweden are divided into five or four security zones: Access is governed by a comprehensive access management concept and requires different levels of authentication to walk through the zones. All customer data is reliably protected thanks to a dedicated continuous backup system. Customers are guaranteed full network isolation on the platform, including their own network segment, routers and firewalls. For even better security, optional micro-segmentation is available via distributed stateful firewall services. All server rooms have a fire resistance of at least 90 minutes and are equipped with an early fire detection system combined with fire early detection and heat sensors. In Germany, the campus power environment is built as an uninterruptible autonomous system combined with fail-safe emergency power generators. The data centre in Sweden has two independent power sources (2N power system) with multi redundant block technology. Thanks to these measures, the generators provide at least 72 (Germany) or 24 (Sweden) hours of independent operation.


The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires complete protection of data transferred from a local environment to the cloud. As the two data centres are located in Europe, Konica Minolta not only offers GDPR-compliant solutions, but also helps its customers to achieve a high level of data sovereignty, as they always retain control over their data and applications.


Also in the field of cloud printing, Konica Minolta provides comprehensive security solutions. Quocirca recently rated Konica Minolta as a "Leader" with regards to print security.[3] According to Quocirca, Konica Minolta's Cloud Print Service portfolio "includes multiple options to support and increase customers’ security. Data and document security is assured through encryption and use of certified data centres, follow-me authentication, roles-based access controls as well as controlled guest access. To address common concerns around data protection and privacy Konica Minolta minimises data sharing."

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