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Prisijunkite prie mūsų virtualioje Drupa 2021 parodoje

Permąstykime jūsų galimybes kartu! Būkite mūsų svečiai ir prisijunkite prie mūsų virtual.drupa  balandžio 20-23 d., kad galėtumėte pirmieji išvysti mūsų naujausias technologijas.

Pasisemkite įkvėpimo mūsų online sesijose apie spausdinimo ateitį, naujų verslo galimybių kūrimą, naujų klientų pritraukimą ir pelno didinimą.

Nuoširdžiai kviečiame registruotis į mūsų online sesijas ir įgyti naujų žinių apie mūsų novatoriškas technologijas gamybinėje spaudoje, etikečių spausdinime, pagražinimo ir apdailos srityse bei dar daugiau.

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bal. 2021

Connect – Learn – Grow with Prokom

In our post-pandemic industry, the business aspects are paramount for print providers. It is all about reducing costs, improving efficiency, growing revenue, and achieving higher profitability. Prokom is the user community of Konica Minolta users, where they can connect with other print providers, learn from each other in order to grow their business. In this session, Prokom members will share how they are able to thrive in these challenging times.

bal. 2021

Automated Digital Print Production

From the order to the finished print product, this web session shows how Konica Minolta’s software and hardware solutions can support a more efficient print workflow. Web to print with AccurioPro Flux, print room control with AccurioPro Dashboard, AccurioPress C4080 series and C14000 series toner cut sheet devices, and our intelligent range of inline finishing can help you in the digital transformation.

bal. 2021

Rethink what’s possible: Unexpected printing with AccurioJet KM-1e

The industry's new challenges are not about reacting, but about readjusting and reinforcement. It's about rethinking and reinventing the way we see efficiency and productivity. Our latest UV digital inkjet press, AccurioJet KM-1e, combines the print materials and stability characteristic of offset presses with the benefits of the latest digital technology. Let us show during this web session the advantage of its amazing media flexibility and zero make-ready for variable data printing and production on oversized B2 sheets.

MGI - The Power of Embellishment

Printing is no longer just about high quality, good service, and low pricing. Adding varnish and foil to the print will add much more value to the CMYK prints and allow the print provider to offer more profitable print jobs to the end user. In this session we look at how this can easily be done with the MGI JetVarnish 3D S, Konica Minolta’s entry level solution to offer embellishment.

bal. 2021

All in one pass, dynamic for every sheet: MOTIONCUTTER digital high-speed laser system

With its basic functions of cut, filigree cut, kiss cut, engrave, crease, and (micro) perforate MOTIONCUTTER digital high-speed laser system offers a huge bandwidth in finishing – from technical processing up to decorative embellishment. See how easy Variable Data Finishing can be and discover your market chance with a fully automated system that doesn‘t stop on a job change.

Labels & Packaging

The market for packaging is growing. Particularly the segments of label printing and corrugated box production see a lot of boost. Let us show you how to combine both segments in one workflow.